Commit 224a04c9 authored by Lorenz Meier's avatar Lorenz Meier

Merge pull request #1957 from mavlink/joystick_range

Fix the joystick range by properly limiting the calculation
parents 32da19df cf07eb30
......@@ -283,11 +283,16 @@ void Joystick::run(void)
axis = _rgFunctionAxis[throttleFunction];
float throttle = _adjustRange(_rgAxisValues[axis], _rgCalibration[axis]);
float roll_limited = std::max(static_cast<float>(-M_PI_4), std::min(roll, static_cast<float>(M_PI_4)));
float pitch_limited = std::max(static_cast<float>(-M_PI_4), std::min(pitch, static_cast<float>(M_PI_4)));
float yaw_limited = std::max(static_cast<float>(-M_PI_4), std::min(yaw, static_cast<float>(M_PI_4)));
float throttle_limited = std::max(static_cast<float>(-M_PI_4), std::min(throttle, static_cast<float>(M_PI_4)));
// Map from unit circle to linear range and limit
roll = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(roll)), 1.0f));
pitch = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(pitch)), 1.0f));
yaw = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(yaw)), 1.0f));
throttle = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(throttle)), 1.0f));
roll = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(roll_limited)), 1.0f));
pitch = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(pitch_limited)), 1.0f));
yaw = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(yaw_limited)), 1.0f));
throttle = std::max(-1.0f, std::min(tanf(asinf(throttle_limited)), 1.0f));
// Adjust throttle to 0:1 range
if (_throttleMode == ThrottleModeCenterZero) {
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