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Merge pull request #7529 from DonLakeFlyer/RTKMin

Change Survey-In min accuracy
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......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Note: This file only contains high level features or important fixes.
* Major rewrite and bug fix pass through Structure Scan. Previous version had such bad problems that it can no longer be supported. Plans with Structure Scan will need to be recreated. New QGC will not load old Structure Scan plans.
### 3.5.3 - Stable
* Change minimum RTK Survey-In limit to 0.01 meters
* Change Windows driver detection logic
* Fix crash when clicking on GeoFence polygon vertex
* PX4: Fix missing ```MC_YAW_FF``` parameter in PID Tuning
......@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@
"name": "surveyInAccuracyLimit",
"shortDescription": "Survey in accuracy (U-blox only)",
"longDescription": "The maximum accuracy allowed prior to completing survey in.",
"longDescription": "The minimum accuracy value that Survey-In must achieve before it can complete.",
"type": "double",
"defaultValue": 2.0,
"min": 0.5,
"min": 0.01,
"units": "m",
"decimalPlaces": 1,
"decimalPlaces": 2,
"qgcRebootRequired": true
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