Commit 14bf1f00 authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Wed Oct 28 10:31:40 UTC 2020

parent 91b2c836
......@@ -766,6 +766,21 @@
<type>Underwater Robot</type>
<airframe_group name="Vectored 6 DOF UUV" image="AirframeUnknown">
<airframe name="BlueROV2 (Heavy Configuration)" id="60002" maintainer="Thies Lennart Alff &lt;;">
<class>Underwater Robot</class>
<maintainer>Thies Lennart Alff &lt;;</maintainer>
<type>Vectored 6 DOF UUV</type>
<output name="MAIN1">motor 1 CCW, bow starboard horizontal, , propeller CCW</output>
<output name="MAIN2">motor 2 CCW, bow port horizontal, propeller CCW</output>
<output name="MAIN3">motor 3 CCW, stern starboard horizontal, propeller CW</output>
<output name="MAIN4">motor 4 CCW, stern port horizontal, propeller CW</output>
<output name="MAIN5">motor 5 CCW, bow starboard vertical, propeller CCW</output>
<output name="MAIN6">motor 6 CCW, bow port vertical, propeller CW</output>
<output name="MAIN7">motor 7 CCW, stern starboard vertical, propeller CW</output>
<output name="MAIN8">motor 8 CCW, stern port vertical, propeller CCW</output>
<airframe_group name="Standard VTOL" image="VTOLPlane">
<airframe name="HIL Standard VTOL QuadPlane" id="1002" maintainer="Roman Bapst &lt;;">
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