Commit 13edc46d authored by Patrick José Pereira's avatar Patrick José Pereira

Vehicle: Move from QTime to QElapsedTimer to avoid deprecated functions

Signed-off-by: 's avatarPatrick José Pereira <>
parent 4f3ed6ff
......@@ -1441,7 +1441,7 @@ private:
QTimer _mavCommandAckTimer;
int _mavCommandRetryCount;
int _capabilitiesRetryCount = 0;
QTime _capabilitiesRetryElapsed;
QElapsedTimer _capabilitiesRetryElapsed;
static const int _mavCommandMaxRetryCount = 3;
static const int _mavCommandAckTimeoutMSecs = 3000;
static const int _mavCommandAckTimeoutMSecsHighLatency = 120000;
......@@ -1490,7 +1490,7 @@ private:
QTimer _sendMultipleTimer;
int _nextSendMessageMultipleIndex;
QTime _flightTimer;
QElapsedTimer _flightTimer;
QTimer _flightTimeUpdater;
TrajectoryPoints* _trajectoryPoints;
QmlObjectListModel _cameraTriggerPoints;
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