Unverified Commit 10215bbd authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #6026 from DonLakeFlyer/SurveyGrid

Use a much larger fudge factor to increase initial transect length
parents c8ed0ab3 5215e083
......@@ -940,7 +940,7 @@ int SurveyMissionItem::_gridGenerator(const QList<QPointF>& polygonPoints, QLis
// Transects are generated to be as long as the largest width/height of the bounding rect plus some fudge factor.
// This way they will always be guaranteed to intersect with a polygon edge no matter what angle they are rotated to.
// They are initially generated with the transects flowing from west to east and then points within the transect north to south.
double maxWidth = qMax(boundingRect.width(), boundingRect.height()) + 100.0;
double maxWidth = qMax(boundingRect.width(), boundingRect.height()) + 2000.0;
double halfWidth = maxWidth / 2.0;
double transectX = boundingCenter.x() - halfWidth;
double transectXMax = transectX + maxWidth;
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