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Remove unused code

* Some code moved to Vehicle
parent 8c548e56
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -50,12 +50,6 @@ public:
/** @brief The time interval the robot is switched on **/
virtual quint64 getUptime() const = 0;
virtual double getLatitude() const = 0;
virtual double getLongitude() const = 0;
virtual double getAltitudeAMSL() const = 0;
virtual double getAltitudeRelative() const = 0;
virtual bool globalPositionKnown() const = 0;
virtual double getRoll() const = 0;
virtual double getPitch() const = 0;
virtual double getYaw() const = 0;
......@@ -172,16 +166,6 @@ protected:
QColor color;
/** @brief The robot state has changed */
void statusChanged(int stateFlag);
/** @brief The robot state has changed
* @param uas this robot
* @param status short description of status, e.g. "connected"
* @param description longer textual description. Should be however limited to a short text, e.g. 200 chars.
void statusChanged(UASInterface* uas, QString status, QString description);
/** @brief A text message from the system has been received */
void textMessageReceived(int uasid, int componentid, int severity, QString text);
......@@ -200,13 +184,6 @@ signals:
void errCountChanged(int uasid, QString component, QString device, int count);
* @brief Drop rate of communication link updated
* @param systemId id of the air system
* @param receiveDrop drop rate of packets this MAV receives (sent from GCS or other MAVs)
void dropRateChanged(int systemId, float receiveDrop);
/** @brief The robot is connected **/
void connected();
/** @brief The robot is disconnected **/
......@@ -238,39 +215,12 @@ signals:
void batteryChanged(UASInterface* uas, double voltage, double current, double percent, int seconds);
void statusChanged(UASInterface* uas, QString status);
void thrustChanged(UASInterface*, double thrust);
void attitudeChanged(UASInterface*, double roll, double pitch, double yaw, quint64 usec);
void attitudeChanged(UASInterface*, int component, double roll, double pitch, double yaw, quint64 usec);
void attitudeRotationRatesChanged(int uas, double rollrate, double pitchrate, double yawrate, quint64 usec);
void attitudeThrustSetPointChanged(UASInterface*, float rollDesired, float pitchDesired, float yawDesired, float thrustDesired, quint64 usec);
/** @brief The MAV set a new setpoint in the local (not body) NED X, Y, Z frame */
void positionSetPointsChanged(int uasid, float xDesired, float yDesired, float zDesired, float yawDesired, quint64 usec);
/** @brief A user (or an autonomous mission or obstacle avoidance planner) requested to set a new setpoint */
void userPositionSetPointsChanged(int uasid, float xDesired, float yDesired, float zDesired, float yawDesired);
void globalPositionChanged(UASInterface*, double lat, double lon, double altAMSL, quint64 usec);
void altitudeChanged(UASInterface*, double altitudeAMSL, double altitudeRelative, double climbRate, quint64 usec);
/** @brief Update the status of one satellite used for localization */
void gpsSatelliteStatusChanged(int uasid, int satid, float azimuth, float direction, float snr, bool used);
// The horizontal speed (a scalar)
void speedChanged(UASInterface* uas, double groundSpeed, double airSpeed, quint64 usec);
// Consider adding a MAV_FRAME parameter to this; could help specifying what the 3 scalars are.
void velocityChanged_NED(UASInterface*, double vx, double vy, double vz, quint64 usec);
void navigationControllerErrorsChanged(UASInterface*, double altitudeError, double speedError, double xtrackError);
void NavigationControllerDataChanged(UASInterface *uas, float navRoll, float navPitch, float navBearing, float targetBearing, float targetDist);
void imageStarted(int imgid, int width, int height, int depth, int channels);
void imageDataReceived(int imgid, const unsigned char* imageData, int length, int startIndex);
/** @brief Attitude control enabled/disabled */
void attitudeControlEnabled(bool enabled);
/** @brief Position 2D control enabled/disabled */
void positionXYControlEnabled(bool enabled);
/** @brief Altitude control enabled/disabled */
void positionZControlEnabled(bool enabled);
/** @brief Heading control enabled/disabled */
void positionYawControlEnabled(bool enabled);
/** @brief Optical flow status changed */
void opticalFlowStatusChanged(bool supported, bool enabled, bool ok);
/** @brief Vision based localization status changed */
......@@ -288,12 +238,6 @@ signals:
/** @brief Differential pressure / airspeed status changed */
void airspeedStatusChanged(bool supported, bool enabled, bool ok);
* @brief Localization quality changed
* @param fix 0: lost, 1: 2D local position hold, 2: 2D localization, 3: 3D localization
void localizationChanged(UASInterface* uas, int fix);
/** @brief Name of system changed */
void nameChanged(QString newName);
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