Commit 08e66942 authored by DonLakeFlyer's avatar DonLakeFlyer

Fix package generation

package directory was showing up in dmg file
parent 1b3ac79f
......@@ -26,12 +26,12 @@ installer {
# We cd to release directory so we can run macdeployqt without a path to the
# file. If you specify a path to the .app file the symbolic
# links to plugins will not be created correctly.
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && mkdir -p $${DESTDIR}/package
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && cd $${DESTDIR} && $$dirname(QMAKE_QMAKE)/macdeployqt $${TARGET}.app -appstore-compliant -verbose=2 -qmldir=$${BASEDIR}/src
# macdeploy is missing some relocations once in a while. "Fix" it:
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && python $$BASEDIR/tools/ $${TARGET}.app/Contents @rpath @executable_path/../Frameworks -r > /dev/null 2>&1
# Create package
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && hdiutil create /tmp/tmp.dmg -ov -volname "$${TARGET}-$${MAC_VERSION}" -fs HFS+ -srcfolder "$${DESTDIR}/"
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && mkdir -p $${DESTDIR}/package
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && hdiutil convert /tmp/tmp.dmg -format UDBZ -o $${DESTDIR}/package/$${TARGET}.dmg
QMAKE_POST_LINK += && rm /tmp/tmp.dmg
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