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    Add the initial stub for the AirFrame configuration for APM · ff32b9fe
    Tomaz Canabrava authored
    This commit introduces the APM Airframe configuration. The interface
    is the same as the PX4 one, but the way we deal with the uas is a bit different
    Since the APM stack doesn't provide a xml with airframe definitions a
    new one was created by hand with only the values that we need, wich will
    trigger a download of the parameters file from the mavlink github
    Now it correctly handles the FRAME variable and it's faster
    regarding the download of the parameters for each type of Frame.
    Only show Airframes for ArduCopter, not for ArduRover nor ArduPlane
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarTomaz Canabrava <tomaz.canabrava@intel.com>
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