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    Ccache test for #3614 (#3631) · b6f76e2a
    Nate Weibley authored
    * travis-ci try ccache on OSX and android
    * travis-ci ccache stats
    * try again
    * Attempt to prepend ccache to qmake command
    * Test enabling ccache for ios too
    * Deploy ccache from S3 per @dagar
    * Revert "Test enabling ccache for ios too"
    It was a nice thought.
    This reverts commit 7e7aeb367696ee9c8abc5cc8122dcd35196d96bb.
    * Try to optimally set the number of make jobs
    * Fix job estimation and disable ccache on android
    * Android: reenable ccache and disable parallel jobs
    * Check if android build passes with 4 workers
    * Try to parallelize xcodebuild too
    * Give mac builders an extra worker and pretty up the ios build output
    * Add make output filtering with correct exit code, no sudo or ccache on ios build
    * Try wrapping ccache to enable use on xcodebuild
    * Make ios ccache helpers executable
    * Turn back on pretty printing for IOS
    * Show some ccache stats on IOS build to see if we're getting hits
    * Change android build OS type to linux
    * Require trusty for android build
    * Require sudo for android so we get trusty
    * Maybe this will function properly on edge?
    * Try to use stripped binary bzips
    * Screw it! Run android on precise again
    * Back to the original android build configuration. I give up
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