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This system is for posting bugs or feature requests ONLY. For questions about how to use or build QGC see:
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When posting bug reports, include the following informaiton:
- Ground station operating system.
- QGroundControl version and build (daily, stable, self-built from source, etc.)
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- **If you are using a Stable build which is not the latest, first step is to install latest Stable build and try again prior to entering a bug report.**
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- Autopilot board: Pixhawk I, Pixhawk Mini, Pixhawk 2, etc.
- Autopilot firmware (e.g. PX4, ArduPilot, custom) and version.
- Exact steps to reproduce the problem. Starting from booting QGroundControl to when the problem occurs.

**All this template text should be deleted before creating your issue.**